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Access control with retractable bollards and bollard systems

Bollard systems are the ideal solution if you want to protect pedestrian zones, access roads or areas from unauthorized traffic. We provide you with comprehensive and competent advice. And accompany you through your project - from project planning to implementation and maintenance. In doing so, we draw on our many years of know-how from both small and large projects.

With our own development UrbanStar, we offer you bollard systems using the latest technology: high-quality, robust, durable, user-friendly, individually adaptable and economical.


Coordinated solutions for communities and cities

Would you like a bollard system as part of an overall project? Our offers already include all necessary technical documents. This enables the responsible planner to plan the remaining infrastructure around the plant. A guarantee for an optimal plant architecture!

We would also be pleased to advise you on overall solutions, including various systems such as barrier systems, barrier posts, high-security solutions, gate and fence systems.

In doing so, we draw on a large pool of experience in the public sector. Please contact us!

Bollard systems are suitable for

  • Access control for pedestrian zones and traffic-calmed areas
  • Access control for areas, superstructures and stadiums
  • congestion and traffic management with temporary openings or closures 
  • Traffic control
  • Parking lot blocking and reservation
  • High security barriers / terror protection

Bollard systems - fully automatic, semi-automatic, removable or fixed

Automatic bollard systems

Bollard systems with fully automatic retractable bollards are used wherever many lifts and drops are to be expected.

Types of drive:

  • Electro-hydraulic
    Integrated hydraulic drives ensure quiet and reliable operation, even at high usage frequencies. Closed hydraulic system with pump, lifting cylinder and safety elements. Suitable for fast lifting cycles (1.2 sec.) and frequent/regular movements.
  • Electric - new
    New drive with brushless high-performance electric motor. Advantages: faster movements, longer service life, energy-saving operation. High performance in the smallest space!
automatically retractable bollards


Semi-automatic / manual bollards

Bollard systems with semi-automatic or manually retractable bollards are used for passages with low passage frequency or in property protection. After unlocking the bollard can be lowered under slight pressure and locks automatically in the end position.

Drive types:

  • Electromechanical
    Suitable wherever few movements are to be expected (e.g. parking lot reservations).
  • Gas spring pressure system (manually retractable)
    For access roads with rare traffic. After unlocking, the posts can be lowered and raised manually with light pressure.


Removable bollards

This bollard cannot be lowered but can only be removed manually with great effort. Therefore they offer a minimum of flexibility and are only used where passage is extremely rare. Removable bollards are also used in places where retractable bollards cannot be used due to low ground depth.

Fixed bollards

These bollards cannot be removed. They are used in particular as a barrier for passage and access. Demarcation, parking obstacle or impact protection. Fixed bollards are also suitable as a supplement to automatic bollards or bollard systems, as they are practically indistinguishable from automatic bollards.

fixed bollards


Model variety

UrbanStar is available in different diameters, heights, materials and resistance. In addition to the noble design in stainless steel ground, we also paint in the desired RAL colour.

Our designers are happy to advise you on special solutions: Laser engravings, personalized heads, special coatings and illumination. You can also supplement your bollard system with fixed or semi-automatic models in the same individual design!


Safety classes and resistance strengthBollard systems of the UrbanStar series are available in different security classes.

Security classes describe the resistance against external influences. This is influenced by material properties, diameter, wall thickness and the type of installation (foundation). The resistance is measured in two values:

  • Impact resistance
    Under this "resistance energy" it remains functional.
  • Breakout Resistance
    From this "resistance energy" it loses its fuse property and "bends over".

Control systems and safety features of our bollard systems

Safety and pedestrian protection is very important to us. Therefore our plants are equipped with the following safety features:

  • Acoustic pre-warning (can be switched off)
    Before and during lifting until the upper or lower end position is reached.

  • Active lowering in the event of a faul
    Depending on the type of design, automatic lowering is possible. In case of malfunction or emergency, this allows lowering without electricity or auxiliary means.

  • Force limitation during lifting
    During lifting, the control system monitors whether there is an obstacle on the bollard.

  • Induction loops
    We carry out two safety induction loops per plant or passageway. The loops "cover" the area of the automatic bollards and are 3-4 metres long in the direction of travel. These loops are milled into the base/surface layer or into the concrete.

  • Additional safety devices
    Other safety devices such as radar sensors or laser scanners are also available.

Control systems

Various user-friendly control options are available for controlling the systems:

  • Radio transmitter
  • Key
  • biometric fingerprint readers
  • contactless transponder system
  • License plate recognition

Our systems meet all the usual safety requirements.


Our product range

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Bürgenstock Resort

Design and implementation of fully automatic access control with bollard systems, retractable safety bollards, tailor-made operating columns and barrier systems.


Spalenberg Basel

Traffic calming in the pedestrian zone at Spalenberg in Basel with an UrbanStar Pro bollard system.

Roche Bau 01 in Basel

Bollard system with retractable safety bollards for the protection of Roche Bau 01 in Basel.

Local centre access control in Lachen

Two bollard systems with specially painted 127 bollards regulate the access roads to the centre of Lachen.

Special: Bollard control in retractable supply posts


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