Automatic bollards

Automatically retractable bollards UrbanStar - with smart control

Automatic bollards are used for passages with increased passage frequency. These include traffic-calmed zones, pedestrian areas or bus lanes. Different control types in control panels, wall distributions or standing cabins allow simple, intelligent control.


Automatic bollards of the latest generation: urbanstar

The automatic bollard urbanstar, developed in Switzerland by Consel Group AG, is state-of-the-art. Safe, low-maintenance, durable and aesthetically pleasing. An intelligent choice for effective and safe access control.

Application areas

  • Pedestrian zones
  • lanes for buses and taxis
  • Access roads to areas (industry and commerce)
  • Inner courtyards with delivery traffic
  • Stations, stadiums, post offices


Why is it so important to choose high quality automatic bollards?

How well the systems work in practice only becomes apparent in longer-term use. That's why we use robust, high-quality materials in production. Supposedly cheaper products soon show weaknesses and can lead to incidents with vehicles or persons. The initial cost calculation is thus rendered null and void: operating, maintenance and repair costs quickly exceed the initial investment

urbanstar: durable and safe!

Our bollards of the uirbanstar line meet high demands on design, quality and safety. We maintain our systems ourselves and have the appropriate spare parts available. Quality that pays off!

Advantages urbanstar

  • Large variety of models
    different diameters and heights
  • Individual surface design
    ground stainless steel or project-specific in RAL colours, laser engraving with logo or lettering, different head illumination and warning markings
  • Easy installation
    uncomplicated installation by means of foundation shafts with installation frame
  • Various safety classes
    different resistances, depending on material, diameter, wall thickness and installation type
  • Intelligent control
    simple, smart control in control columns, wall distributions or booth cabins
  • Long service life
    through high-quality materials and processing
  • Custom-made products
    for bollards, control boxes, control panels and light signals


New smart bollard control - for safe operation

Consel has developed a new, smart control system for the safe operation of the plants. Smart because the plant continuously monitors itself with a wide range of sensors. The new control system is now installed as standard in all new plants. The new control system allows:

  • Self-monitoring
    Detailed error analysis, shown on the control display
  • Automatic emergency lowering
    Independent emergency lowering in case of malfunction (programmable)
  • Visual indication in the event of a fault
    Special flashing sequence of the head illumination
  • Adjustment of brightness / acoustic pre-warning
    Automatic adjustment of the brightness of the head illumination and switching off the acoustic pre-warning (at night) by means of geo-coordinates
  • Data acquisition and storage
    Simplified fault analysis or investigation of the evidence of incidents (accidents/collisions)

Optional: Remote monitoring
Optionally, we offer remote monitoring and control via a cloud platform (web-based). The advantages:

  • Status display of the plant in real time
  • Web-based control of the system
  • Automatic fault messages by e-mail / SMS


  • increased operational safety through self-monitoring
  • better and faster fault analysis and repair
  • Evaluation in case of collisions => improved evidence
  • Weak points are detected earlier, thus reducing operating downtimes
Control for automatic bollards 
Control for automatic bollards
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