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Consel Group AG was founded in 1997 as Consel Autocontrol GmbH by Francis Seijas, the current CEO. In 2011 the company was transformed into a public limited company.

The purpose of the company is to offer products and services in the fields of traffic and security technology, object and perimeter protection as well as parking space management. This also includes trade, training, installation, repairs and distribution of additional products from the security and electrical engineering sector.


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Manuel Benaiges

Manuel Benaiges

Head of Sales
Sales Switzerland

Phone 043 277 60 70


Francis Seijas

Francis Seijas

Sales Engineer
Sales Switzerland, Exports

Phone 043 277 60 77



Consel Group AG
Brunaustrasse 185
CH-8951 Fahrweid

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Fax 0041 43 277 83 01

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