We develop high-security solutions such as bollards, anti-ram barriers, roadblockers and protective street furniture to secure strategically important areas. So that people, areas, objects or entire building areas are optimally protected. This includes: Government buildings, ministries, embassies, consulates, nuclear power plants, barracks, military bases, prisons, airports, banks, shopping centres, jewellery stores and many more.

Another important area is the temporary protection of large events and events with large numbers of people with mobile HVM barriers.


High security solutions for highest security requirements

Thanks to their outstanding impact resistance, our safety systems meet the highest requirements in terms of impact load. Our high security solutions and anti-terrorism barriers comply with ASTM, PAS and DOS standards, have been subjected to crash tests and have been certified and approved by independent bodies.

We also develop, produce, install and maintain fixed and fully automatic drive-through barriers for every security requirement and in various designs and versions. Contact us without obligation - we will be happy to advise you!

Our high security solutions at a glance:

  • Mobile vehicle barrier ARMIS ONE
  • Mobile bollard barrier ARMIS FSM
  • Mobile concrete bollards / concrete barrier / concrete blocks ARMIS WIBLOC
  • Anti-terror and drive-through barriers or road blocker / segment barriers with low installation depth
  • Surface Roadblocker for direct mounting on roads or squares
  • Mobile Roadblocker for temporary use
  • Safety barriers with retractable bar or with reinforced support
  • Safety gates (cantilever safety sliding gates)
  • Bollards and anti-terror bollards
  • Speedgates (high-speed doors) and hinged doors with impact load


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