Dismountable safety bollard ARMIS SENTINEL II

Temporary security barriers for events

Abnehmbarer Sicherheitspoller ARMIS SENTINEL I

Whether festival, fair, city festival or Christmas market: protection against terrorist attacks with vehicles is gaining in importance. The retractable safety bollard ARMIS SENTINEL II was specially developed for use in places where security barriers are only required sporadically. The system consists of a special floor part - which can be concreted in almost everywhere as a flat foundation with an installation depth of only 200 mm - and four insertable bollards. These are anchored in the floor section without special tools or lifting gear.


Highly resistant safety bollards with impact load of 7.5 tons@50 km/h

The impact load of the barrier is divided into four 31 kg "light" bollards. Together with a reinforcing collar, this creates a very effective, high-strength bollard barrier, which holds vehicles up to 7.5 t@50 km/h. The bollard is mounted on a steel frame. The bollards can be easily inserted and anchored by two persons without exertion. No lifting equipment is required for transport: The bollard modules can be easily transported in passenger cars or small commercial vehicles and can be inserted or removed with little effort.

Advantages of retractable safety bollards

  • Bottom part can be installed in a flat foundation of only 200 - 300 mm at low cost and practically anywhere. 
  • Floor part is supplied with an attractive, level floor cover, which can be driven over with up to 40 tons (class D400). 
  • the individual bollards, weighing only 31 kg, can be comfortably carried and used by two persons
  • the bollards are simply connected with bolts and safety screws
  • Solar-powered LED head illumination possible
Demontierbare Sicherheitspoller ARMIS SENTINEL II

ARMIS SENTINEL II safety bollards in a row form a complete vehicle barrier.

Bodenteil Demontierbarer Sicherheitspoller ARMIS SENTINEL II

Floor part with flush floor cover


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