Mobile vehicle barrier ARMIS ONE

Temporary HVM barrier for event security and access control

Are you looking for a mobile vehicle barrier for your events, which allows the passage of rescue vehicles or deliveries? And does it also meet the legal requirements for escape routes and accessibility? Then, the temporary HVM barrier ARMIS ONE is the perfect solution. Because the modular system developed in Switzerland fulfils all these criteria. Certified according to IWA 14-1 (7.2t @ 48 km/h) and ASTM F2656.

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Mobile vehicle barrier ARMIS ONE at Züri Fäscht

Mobile vehicle barrier with access possibility

The ARMIS ONE mobile vehicle barrier is a further development of the ARMIS FSM bollard barrier launched in 2018. The new HVM barrier consists of a single module that can be connected to form a chain of any length. This new system thus offers significantly simpler and more flexible handling. Lowerable elements also allow any width of passage.

ARMIS ONE with closed segments
ARMIS ONE with closed segments

10 arguments for ARMIS ONE

Fast assembly and disassembly, optimum flow of people, low penetration depth: these are only the first of 10 arguments in favour of ARMIS ONE. Click here for more arguments.

10 reasons for ARMIS ONE

Advantages of vehicle barrier ARMIS ONE

  • unhindered passage for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users (height: only 110mm)
  • Optimum flow of people / escape route width from 1.2 meters between the barrier segments
  • Simple manual folding of the blocking segments
  • individual adaptation and integration into other security systems and local conditions
  • additional anchoring possible
  • Supervision- and largely maintenance-free
  • vandal-proof
  • easy lifting / moving with crane or forklift truck
  • space-saving stackable and easy to transport
  • Connection to standard concrete blocks or other barriers



Smart logistics concept

Stackable heavy duty pallets for safe transport and optimal storage

The heavy-duty pallets specially designed for ARMIS ONE can be stacked among each other. This way blocking modules and ramps can be transported safely. At the same time the storage area is reduced to a minimum.

  • Pallets for blocking modules: available for 3 or 6 modules
  • Pallets for ramps: offer space for 18 ramps

ARMIS ONE Schwerlastpaletten

Pallets for the locking modules
Available in two sizes: for 3 or 6 modules. Illustration: 3x pallets of 3 modules stacked.

Pallets for the ramps
One pallet offers space for 18 ramps. Figure: two pallets stacked.

Practical: The pallets have been designed so that they can be lifted from both sides with a forklift truck.


Equipment and accessories

Cover cap for blocking segmentsSome like it martial. Others want mobile vehicle barriers to appear as neutral and inconspicuous as possible. We now take this wish into account: For ARMIS ONE we now offer a cover for the blocking segments. These can be labelled as desired.

CoversRed covers for the blocking segments are included as standard (see picture). This prevents the accumulation of waste during longer operations.

Rubber pads for the ramps
From now on all ramps from ARMIS ONE will be delivered with rubber pads. These improve the skid resistance, prevent imprints in the asphalt at high temperatures and also reduce the crossing noise to a minimum.

Handrails for demarcation and as fall protectionThe optionally available handrails are used for lateral marking and delimitation of the barrier and as fall protection. The long version extends over the entire length of the barrier element including ramps, the short version over the length of the barrier element without ramps.

Abdeckhaube für ARMIS ONE 
Cover for ARMIS ONE - individually inscribable.
Handlauf in zwei Varianten: kurz und lang
Handrails in two versions: short and long
Sperrelement mit Abdeckungen - schützt vor Abfallansammlungen 
Cover to protect against waste accumulation


Crashtest and certification

Crash tested and certified according to IWA 14-1 (7.2t @ 48 km/h) and ASTM F2656

All requirements were met without any problems, the penetration depth of the barrier is 6.6 metres. One of the best test values ever achieved for manually operated mobile barriers.


IWA 14-1:2013 Blocker V/7200[N2B]/48/90:6.6


ASTM F2656/F2656M-18a, P2



How the ARMIS ONE vehicle barrier works

Set on the ground

The ARMIS ONE anti-ram barrier is simply placed on the ground, without any floor connections, on non-slip, integrated supports, depending on the condition of the ground. The blocking elements can be used individually or in combination with other elements.

Anchor claws

Each module has special anchor claws, which drill into the ground on impact. Additional anchoring to kerbstones or other fixed points is not necessary.


Interlinkable modules

The individual modules are linked to form a row of any length, which further increases the effectiveness of the barrier. Slight inclinations or unevenness in the terrain or differences in height such as kerbstones or central islands can be overcome with special connectors.

Modular system

Each module consists of a base frame and removable ramps. All components can be stacked separately to save space during transport and storage.

Foldable blocking segments

The blocking segments can be lowered with little effort. This creates a passage for deliveries or rescue operations: a passage width of 3.05 metres for a folded element and 4.9 metres for two elements.



Sketches and measurements

ARMIS ONE mit drei Sperrmodulen

ARMIS ONE consisting of three modules
with one lowered blocking segment

Overall width: 5.54 metres
Passage width: 3.05 metres

ARMIS ONE aus vier Elementen

ARMIS ONE consisting of four modules
with two lowered blocking segments

Overall width: 7.39 metres
Clearance width: 4.9 metres


Further information

Need more information?

Our sales team is at your disposal for a personal, free consultation:

Manuel Benaiges

Manuel Benaiges

Head of Sales
Sales Switzerland

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Francis Seijas

Francis Seijas

Sales Engineer
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Züri Fäscht

First use of ARMIS ONE at the Züri Fäscht, Switzerland's largest folk festival. The barrier elements protect the festival visitors from terrorist attacks with vehicles as part of a comprehensive security plan.



Christmas Market Zurich

For the first time, the city of Zurich closed off the access roads to the various Christmas markets with ARMIS ONE, thus protecting the festive season from unauthorized access and terrorist attacks.

Terror protection with HVM barrier at Zürich Christmas market
ARMIS ONE anti terror barrier at Zurich Christmas Market
HVM barrier at Christmas Market Zurich


Carnival in Constance

From February 19-26, 2020 ARMIS ONE barriers protect the visitors of the carnival processions in Constance from hostile vehicle attacks.

Vehicle barrier for carnival in Constance


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