Mobile vehicle blocker ARMIS FSM

Temporary event security and mobile access control

The temporary protection of events against terrorist attacks with vehicles represents a very special challenge. Whether festival, fair, city festival or Christmas market: mobile vehicle blocker that offer maximum flexibility and security are in demand. Also discover our new development for temporary event protection, the mobile vehicle barrier ARMIS ONE

Mobile bollard lock (truck lock)

Mobile vehicle blocker - flexible security

The mobile vehicle blocker ARMIS FSM from Consel Group effectively protects areas, terrain and access roads against terrorist attacks with vehicles. Access and escape routes remain passable and visibility unrestricted. The truck barrier is simply placed on the ground - without any floor connections. Depending on the condition of the ground, on non-slip supports. For higher safety requirements, the barrier can also be anchored to fixed points (kerbstones, etc.) with ground anchors or bracings. Another plus: The mobile vehicle barrier can be easily connected to form a "chain" of several modules. This additionally increases the effectiveness and also offers maximum flexibility.

Crash simulation

ARMIS FSM was developed with a crash simulation according to the standards IWA 14-1 and PAS 68 (7.2t@48km/h). 

Mobile vehicle blocker with sliding bollards

The highlight of this vehicle blocker are the sliding bollards. If access for emergency vehicles or deliveries is required, the sliding bollards can be easily pushed to the side without any effort after unlocking. The result is a passage width of 2.6 metres for cars and commercial vehicles or a passage width of 3.3 metres for fire engines and trucks.

Modular, stackable system

The modular system consists of a base frame, removable bollards, ramps and covers. The individual modules can be stacked separately to save space - whether for transport or storage.

The modules can be connected very quickly and easily with two perforated plates on each side. The fixed modules can be supplemented with sliding modules as required.

Individual design possible

The bollards can be individually designed and equipped. Counting devices, LED lighting, logos, sponsoring, information boards or flags. In the barriers there is space for supply cables or other equipment.

The mobile vehicle blocker offers these advantages

  • Effective stopping of cars and trucks in accordance with the applicable standards and recommendations without obstructing visibility
  • quick relocation of the modules without structural measures
  • flexibly expandable depending on the size of the event
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users can enter or leave the premises without restriction despite the barrier (height only 97mm).
  • 1.4 meter distance between the bollards for optimal flow of people / escape route
  • easy manual movement of the bollards allows the passage of emergency vehicles or deliveries
  • individual adaptation and integration into other security systems and local conditions possible
  • can be anchored to kerbstones or other fixed points with tension and anchor modules - no permanent connection to the floor required
  • Supervision- and largely maintenance-free
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Modules can be lifted over cranks and moved with conventional pallet trucks
  • Modules stackable to save space and easy to transport
  • Connection to standard concrete blocks or other safety barriers possible



Mobile vehicle blocker for "Augsburger Sommernächte"

In June 2018, two mobile vehicle blocker ARMIS FSM protected visitors to the Augsburger Sommernächte from terrorist attacks with vehicles.

Mobile vehicle lock in Augsburg
Mobile vehicle lock closed

Mobile vehicle blocker with fixed and movable bollards in open condition for the passage of vehicles.

Mobile vehicle blocker in closed condition.


First deployment in Switzerland: Oltner Chilbi (funfair)

At Oltner Chilbi in August 2018, two mobile vehicle barriers ARMIS FSM protected the access roads to the festival grounds.

Mobile vehicle lock in Worms
Anti-terror barrier with passage possibility

Mobile vehicle barriers as access barrier to the fairground.

Fire brigade passage with open bollards.


Backfischfest in Worms (D) with mobile terror barriers by Consel

The mobile terror barrier ARMIS FSM also protected the Wormser Backfischfest from attacks with vehicles.

Mobile terror barrier at the Backfischfest in Worms

Mobile terror barrier with two sliding bollards.



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