Concrete barrier with linkable concrete blocks ARMIS WIBLOC

Linkable concrete block for maximum safety

Individual concrete blocks do not offer sufficient protection against hostile vehicle attacks - this has been proven in various crash tests. However, concrete blocks connected to chains can also withstand high impact loads. The vehicle is not only severely damaged, but also braked by the counterweight of the concrete blocks.

Mobile Betonsperre aus Betonblöcken

Linkable concrete blocks as terror protection

These cinder blocks deliver what they promise: Because unlike conventional simple concrete bollards, the ARMIS WIBLOC concrete block can be connected like a puzzle to form a continuous chain. As a result, this concrete block can withstand very high impact loads. A vehicle that has been converted into a weapon is thus not only significantly damaged, but also braked by the counterweight of the concrete chain.

Passage gates for rescue vehicles and deliveries

Passage gates of the same strength can be integrated into the concrete barrier. This means that delivery and rescue vehicles can still pass through the cordoned-off areas. Each concrete block can be connected to each other and also to the ARMIS FSM mobile bollard barrier. This creates flexible security solutions that provide effective protection, do not obstruct the flow of visitors and leave escape routes clear.

Advantages of ARMIS WIBLOC

  • specially reinforced, reinforced concrete blocks
  • blocks can be connected to form a chain
  • unique coupling system
  • easy to move with forklift trucks
  • can be combined with a passage barrier
  • can be combined with mobile bollard barrier ARMIS FSM
  • flower trough elements for additional reinforcement and optical embellishment
  • possibility for mounting flagpoles
  • stackable
Betonsperre ARMIS WIBLOC
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